Working for BMT & Skin

British bacon brand, spolitpig, pride themselves on their responsibly farmed and award winning bacon. Supplying customers through major UK retailers, including Morrisons, Costco and Tesco, Spolitpig required a robust brand narrative, consistent with their responsible ethos.

Creating rich, engaging content across their customer touch-points was crucial – from new web and digital infrastructure, to social media campaigns and POS materials. This integrated approach has increased customer dialogue, engagement and loyalty, leading to continuing return on investment.



Page like increase between December 2015 and December 2017.

‘Working with the spoiltpig brand requires me to think creatively and also technically. It’s not just coming up with a ‘nice’ design but coming up with an idea that will work across all media in an engaging way.’



Current followers on Facebook.


Entries in spoiltpigs Holiday Cottages ‘Weekend Break’ on-pack competition.


The average number of people reached on Facebook per month.

‘Our award winning bacon and gammon is only made from responsibly farmed, RSPCA Assured, outdoor bred British pigs – these pigs are raised without antibiotics from birth. We believe that well cared for, healthy and happy animals produce better tasting bacon and gammon.’



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