Tuk In


Tuk In is a brand new home delivery concept for the UK market – connecting people to goods and services fast! Via the Tuk In app, customers at home order and purchase products and services from a range of 6 categories. Products which are then sourced from local suppliers and delivered within 1 hour.

Resulting with a unique and quirky design concept. Logo, colour scheme, brand guidelines, UI and UX, exhibition collateral, promotional videos and ‘Tuk Tuk’ wrap design.

Active ‘Tuk Tuks’ by 2020.
‘We asked for a logo that captured what Tuk In does and what Curtis produced was spot on. The idea of having the wording in the shape of a Tuk Tuk is clean and simple and just works so well. Once we had the logo signed off, the branding, videos, app design and the rest were easy to visualise and execute.’


Investor – Tuk In
The cost in £s per month to lease a Tuk Tuk.
Number of hours Tuk In will deliver in.
‘We had no idea of what we were after and had only 2 weeks to deliver Tuk In for its preview at the Excel in London. Curtis came up with all the brand and collateral that we needed and took the headache out of the whole process. He will definitely be helping us with the next phase of the project for our launch.’


Key Investor – Tuk In
‘Every step of the way, deadlines were met and design expectations were exceeded. We are full of confidence for when our app is launched later this year.’


Investor – Tuk In
Number of categories of products that Tuk In will deliver: Groceries, food, beer, wine & spirits, medicine, mobile phone repair services, beautician services.
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