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The famous government outsourcer and facilities provider created the Serco Foundation to celebrate Serco’s 25th year. The Foundation’s aim was to raise money for charitable causes the world over and to unify its 110,000 employees to join in and share the company’s pride and aspirations across the 12-month period. As a globally-based facilities provider, Serco employs many people at the lower end of the income scale represented by a vast range of languages as their mother tongue.

Vibrant graphics combined with simple, strong language defined the creative delivery of the campaign. A host of employee engaging ‘special events’ were created which, in addition to galvanising participation, served to fuel a plethora of further communication opportunities.

In what was a difficult year (widely documented in the business and mainstream press) the Serco Foundation and the 25th year celebrations proved to be a welcome distraction for their somewhat beleaguered staff and proved a point of pride in a business which, otherwise, found itself on the back foot.

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